Farah Food | Restaurant
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Farah restaurant is the only licenced Persian restaurant in Brisbane which offers an authentic Persian cuisine, where you will enjoy the Persian hospitality along with the tasty healthy dishes made of high quality meat.
Traditional kebab dishes, Slow cooked lamb shank, Stews and also some vegetarian options are available every day for lunch and dinner (except Mondays). Farah restaurant is located in the inner-city suburb of Spring Hill.
Nearby street parking is available.


  • Kashk Bademjan and Mirza Ghasemi (Popular Persian eggplant dip and smoked eggplant dip)
  • Yogurt dips,
  • Zeytoon parvardeh (Persian marinated Olives)


  • Traditional Persian Ice cream (saffron ice cream consisting of pistachio and frozen cream pieces),
  • Faloodeh  (cold dessert consisting of thin vermicelli-sized noodles mixed in a semi-frozen syrup),
  • Khorma ardeh (Persian date with Tahini and cocounat powder)

Persian Tea

Different flavors of tea with your choice of

  • saffron
  • cardamom
  • cinnamon

Vaziri Kebab

Lamb mince kebab(Koobideh) and chicken pieces kebab(Joojeh) in one dish, served with saffron rice and grilled tomato

Zereshk Polo

Persian dish of slow cooked tender chicken, served with saffron rice and barberries and a side salad

Farah Mix Platter

Mix of all Persian kebabs in one dish including koobideh, Joojeh, Chenjeh,Chicken wings and lamb cutlets served with saffron rice for , garden salad for 2, grilled tomato and lemon, hummus and yogurt dip